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23 years old. San Francisco native. Burrito Enthusiast. I play for a band called Stereo Chemistry.
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I’ve lived most of my life in Mill Valley, CA. A small town just outside of San Francisco that most people have never heard of. You may have heard of the town next to ours, Sausalito, famous for their “house boats” and gorgeous seaside views, but I doubt you’ve heard of Mill Valley.
Growing up here, I always found it boring, nothing to do, and honestly there isn’t much to do in Mill Valley. It’s an easy town to drive past if you don’t know where you’re going, or what you’re looking for.
That’s what I came to discover as I grew older. Mill Valley isn’t boring if you know what you’re looking for, but many of us are lost and don’t know what we’re looking for. I used to be, and in many ways I still am.
I used to drive circles around this town for hours, just me and my friends. Blasting music, and feeling young. We felt like the world was ours to take, or neglect.
It wasn’t until I was 17 when I first won’t up to Mt Tam.
It was another spent driving around the some places, driving with intent but really going nowhere.
My friend, Andrew, suggested we drive up to Mt. Tam. I had never been, and my gas tank was running low, but I trusted that he knew what he was doing.
I’ve never felt a bigger feeling of majestic than I had that day that I finally made it up that mountain.
It was foggy, just like today, and the drive up there was dangerous—windy roads, and a thick layer of fog that blinded me as I drove, lucky for me the yellow dividing lines in the road acted as my guide or I would have definitely lost confidence and driven us off a cliff.
The higher we drove up the mountain, the thinner the fog got, then suddenly we were there, at the tip of the mountain. The only thing you would see were tops of hills and fog for miles.
It was view that I believed up until this point I was only meant to see in magazines and big budget movies, not in my own back yard.
I fell in love that day, and because of that I began finding other things about Mill Valley that I loved as well. The list began short, but now it’s a mile long and I’m honestly happy living in the town I grew up in, and I I have it my way i hope to someday raise my kids here.

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